Yom Haatzmaut

When Israel turned 70 we came together to party in the iconic Royal Albert Hall. As Israel turns 72 on Wednesday 29th April we will instead party at home but there are still plenty of communal events you can join.

Etgar Challenge

4pm – Wednesday 29th April

Join the biggest ever live online Israel quiz!

Once registered, watch here at 4pm:

ZF Home Atzmaut

Wednesday 29th April

Our friends at the Zionist Federation are helping you to have your own Yom Haatzmaut party in the comfort of your own home with their Home Atzmaut digital packs. Head over to their website and sign up for a pack which includes flags, recipes by Israeli chefs, activities for the kids, vouchers and other exciting content. At 7pm they will provide a live link to an Israeli artist who will perform a series of sing-a-longs to get the party going.

Song Haatzmaut

6pm – Wednesday 29th April

Join JNF UK’s star studded judge panel of Robert Rinder, Maureen Lipman, Ashley Blaker & Rosalyn Miller in watching a Yom Haatzmaut singing competition.:

Marking Yom HaZikaron and Yom Ha’Atzmaut with UJIA

UJIA hosted an online commemoration for Yom Hazikaron. You can watch the replay here:

Bnei Akiva Virtual Ceremony

Watch the recording of Bnei Akiva’s online ceremony here:

Ambassador Regev’s Yom Haatzmaut message

Yom Haatzmaut Glasgow

The communal celebrations in Glasgow will now be taking place online on Sunday 3rd May from 11am. Join their Facebook page below or email yomhaatzmautinglasgow@gmail.com for more information.

And Many More…

The ZF have helpfully put together this flyer with some of the other great events you can join to wish Israel a happy birthday:


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