This page has wellbeing resources available from Jewish community organisations and local and national charities. 

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Jewish community services with specific mental health support for young people and/or their parents/carers can be found here

A selection of mental health support services available from local and national charities can be found here

Wellbeing Advice and Resources


Reshet have collated a range of resources on wellbeing as well as a directory of positive and productive activities for young people and families at home.


Streetwise from Maccabi GB and CST work to enhance the personal safety and development of young Jewish people to support their physical, and emotional well being. They have resources specifically related to online safety.

NHS Audio Guides

Mental wellbeing audio guides from the NHS on topics including low mood, anxiety and sleep problems.


Mind’s resources for young people on looking after your wellbeing.

Anna Freud Centre

Offer a range of resources for young people, parents, carers and teachers

Museum of Happiness

Museum of Happiness have resources based on mindfulness and gratitude to promote habits of wellbeing, including videos aimed at younger audiences.

Families under Pressure

Families under Pressure from Maudsley Charity have a series of videos offering simple tips and advice, formulated by researchers and NHS mental health experts, and proven to work with families. There is help with difficult behaviour and help with negative emotions.

The Mix

The Mix have a directory of useful resources for looking after yourself, including on specific topics such as anger, eating disorders, grief and stress.

Young Minds

Young Minds have a looking after yourself section with advice on supporting your friends, gaming, self-esteem and social media.

Anxiety UK

Anxiety UK have free resources to understand and mitigate some common situations and difficult feelings, including on exam results, panic attacks and stress.

PLEASE NOTE: This page collate a range of charities and organisations to assist people more easily and quickly be aware of available services. The JLC and the Youth Mental Health Partnership hope these will be useful for those contacting them, however we are not in a position to officially endorse any specific organisation or service. 

Support lines directory

Find almost 50 support line services including Jewish charities, general advice, as well as specific support for bereavement, addiction, debt and anxiety from across the wider voluntary sector.

The Youth Mental Health Partnership

Our vision is for every child and family in our community to have access to clearly understood, considerate, comprehensive and effective services that advance the recovery of young people who experience a mental health problem.

This partnership aspires to establish the foundations for progress towards this vision and generate learning for how these providers, and organisations within and beyond our community, can be part of meeting the growing mental health needs for children and young people within the UK Jewish community.


About the jlc community portal

As each of us adapts to the coronavirus pandemic and measures to contain it, people and local groups have inspired with acts of kindness providing food, care and comfort. Our communal leadership and vital charities have been working well and working together to assist the community through this crisis.

The JLC connects and coordinates the Jewish charitable sector, strengthens and supports leadership across our community, and magnifies and amplifies the individual voices and collective voice of our member organisations. Now is the time for cooperation and collective responsibility.

Working alongside the Board of Deputies at the beginning of the pandemic, the JLC regularly brought together CEOs from over 60 organisations. Our teams have been working with many more parts of the community every day during this crisis.
This portal is a development of that work, collating advice, resources and access to communal life online, in one place, for everyone across the Jewish community.

For more information on the JLC, visit our website at

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