Immediate and longer-term support and guidance from within and beyond the community

This section has details on access to immediate advice and support; online services; and which services are available from different organisations.

If you are concerned that you or someone in your care is in immediate danger, or requires urgent medical help, please call 999 for an ambulance, go straight to A&E (if you can), or call your local crisis team or find details for local NHS urgent help here.

If you can’t do this by yourself, ask someone to help you. More details on emergency advice from Mind are available here.

Get Help Now (for more click here)

For free, safe and confidential online counselling and wellbeing services for adults, contact Jami Qwell

Kooth students in partnership with Jami provides free, safe and anonymous online counselling and support for students

If you are struggling to cope or need immediate help, contact Shout’s 24/7 crisis text service. Text Jami to 85258

Community Services (for more click here)

Aim to improve the quality of life for families who have a child with a serious mental health condition. Click here or call 020 8202 9297

If you need support or are supporting someone who needs help, click here for information on Jami’s services or call 020 845 2223

Practical, emotional and therapeutic support for adolescent girls in the Orthodox Jewish Community. Click here or call 020 8731 7025

Therapeutic support available to children and young people of school age who may be dealing with a wide range of difficulties. More details here or call 020 8809 8809

An umbrella for most Jewish mental health organisations in Greater Manchester. One-stop shop for mental health needs, information and service provision where we can.

If you’re feeling alone, anxious, depressed, suicidal – or simply in need of someone to talk to – Jewish Helpline‘s trained volunteers offer confidential listening without judgement for the whole community. 

Voluntary Sector Services (for more click here)

This website allows you to find a range of local and voluntary sector services for mental health based on your postcode. There are also information pages on specific areas such as depression, anxiety and eating disorders.

Anxiety UK is a charity for those affected by anxiety, stress and anxiety based depression. Anxiety UK offer help and are fully supported by an expert team of medical advisors.

Beat is the UK’s eating disorder charity, offering support online or by phone 365 days a year. They listen, help people understand the illness, and support them to take positive steps towards recovery. They also support family and friends so they can help loved ones recover whilst also looking after their own mental health.

Wellbeing Advice and Resources (for more click here)

Mental wellbeing audio guides from the NHS on topics including low mood, anxiety and sleep problems.

Mind’s resources for young people on looking after your wellbeing.

Support lines directory

Find almost 50 support line services including Jewish charities, general advice, as well as specific support for bereavement, addiction, debt and anxiety from across the wider voluntary sector.

The Youth Mental Health Partnership

Our vision is for every child and family in our community to have access to clearly understood, considerate, comprehensive and effective services that advance the recovery of young people who experience a mental health problem.

This partnership aspires to establish the foundations for progress towards this vision and generate learning for how these providers, and organisations within and beyond our community, can be part of meeting the growing mental health needs for children and young people within the UK Jewish community.


About the jlc community portal

As each of us adapts to the coronavirus pandemic and measures to contain it, people and local groups have inspired with acts of kindness providing food, care and comfort. Our communal leadership and vital charities have been working well and working together to assist the community through this crisis.

The JLC connects and coordinates the Jewish charitable sector, strengthens and supports leadership across our community, and magnifies and amplifies the individual voices and collective voice of our member organisations. Now is the time for cooperation and collective responsibility.

Working alongside the Board of Deputies at the beginning of the pandemic, the JLC regularly brought together CEOs from over 60 organisations. Our teams have been working with many more parts of the community every day during this crisis.
This portal is a development of that work, collating advice, resources and access to communal life online, in one place, for everyone across the Jewish community.

For more information on the JLC, visit our website at

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