Chai Cancer care

What Chai is continuing to do for its clients via telephone, Skype and Zoom:

  • Counselling for individuals, couples and families.
  • Children’s services including Music, Art and Play therapies.
  • Specialised Lymphatic Movement class.
  • Yoga, Meditation and Mindfulness sessions.
  • Rehabilitation and Palliative Care clinic.
  • Nutrition and Dietary Advice service.
  • Volunteers Befriending service.

Chai’s big C of Care

Prior to the outbreak of coronavirus we launched our big C of Care campaign ( please see attached) to emphasise Chai’s ethos since its inception in 1990, to remove the taboo and fear that surrounds cancer. Since Covid-19 we have continued to push out our campaign to reiterate even more strongly that Chai’s big C of Care has not stopped. We are continuously highlighting the fact that although Chai’s doors may be closed physically, we are still here to provide our specialised services for all those who turn to us.

Week for Chai

We are launching our ‘Week for Chai’ which will be running between 11-18th of May. Anyone and everyone is able to take part, either individually, as a family or virtually with friends. We will be providing a range of activities to choose from, including a virtual quiz, ‘ready steady cook’ challenge, art activities to enjoy with your kids and more. We will also be encouraging participants to get creative and come up with their own activity in aid of Chai.


About the jlc community portal

As each of us adapts to the coronavirus pandemic and measures to contain it, people and local groups have inspired with acts of kindness providing food, care and comfort. Our communal leadership and vital charities have been working well and working together to assist the community through this crisis.
The JLC connects and coordinates the Jewish charitable sector, strengthens and supports leadership across our community, and magnifies and amplifies the collective voice of our member organisations. Now is the time for cooperation and collective responsibility.
Working alongside the Board of Deputies at the beginning of the pandemic, the JLC regularly brought together CEOs from over 60 organisations. Our teams have been working with many more parts of the community every day during this crisis.
This portal is a development of that work, collating advice, resources and access to communal life online, in one place, for everyone across the Jewish community.

For more information on the JLC, visit our website at

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