The purpose of this initiative is to maintain direct services and support for vulnerable people and meet the increased demand for social care services across the Jewish community. This fund will assist organisations delivering these services experiencing financial and operational challenges resulting from Covid-19.  

This is to support organisations across our community that provide essential support people including cancer patients; children with life-limiting illnesses; vulnerable children; people with physical and learning disabilities; young people with significant emotional needs; victims of domestic abuse; and adults experiencing mental health problems.


In addition to aligning with the purpose of this initiative as described above, charities will need to meet the following criteria to apply for grants* from this social care assistance fund:

  1. Provide frontline health and welfare services to vulnerable people which directs specific, practical, and specialised support based on the group’s particular and identified need (e.g. abuse, cancer or physical or learning disability)
  2. Have an annual revenue of at least £250,000* and be working with at least 100* people (unless this is an application from a regional community providing vital welfare services locally that have a smaller revenue or reach fewer people.)
  3. Have enacted or plan to enact one or more mitigation measures. These could include but are not be limited to steps to reduce costs; access to affordable credit; and designation of a significant proportion of available reserves.
  4. Demonstrate medium and longer-term viability beyond an initial three-to-six months of additional assistance
  5. Agree to consider medium and longer-term consolidation where and when appropriate (with support from the JLC if requested)

*Organisations that do not meet the minimum revenue or reach stated here may not be eligible for grants. However, the JLC would welcome a conversation with these organisations to identify whether there is other practical support the JLC and/or our member organisations may be able to provide. Additionally, if a number of smaller organisations working in the same sector were to make a joint application, on the basis of significant cooperation and consolidation, the Review Committee would consider such an application.


The first round of applications closed at 20:00 on Wednesday 20th May.

If you would like to be notified should there be a second round of applications, please contact David Davidi-Brown, JLC Director of Community Strategy.

As the fund is currently closed to applications the links below are no longer active. This will be updated if a second round of applications is announced.

Application Form

This document contains further details on the application process and four mandatory and one optional question.

Financial Application

This spreadsheet requests information on
increased costs ; anticipated increased demand; lost income; mitigation measures to reduce costs; grants applied for or received from Government/wider charity sector; and responsible and prudent use of accessible reserves.

Resources from the Jewish Social Care sector

Resources from the Jewish Social Care sector, including for older people, cancer patients and people with physical and learning disabilities


About the jlc community portal

As each of us adapts to the coronavirus pandemic and measures to contain it, people and local groups have inspired with acts of kindness providing food, care and comfort. Our communal leadership and vital charities have been working well and working together to assist the community through this crisis.

The JLC connects and coordinates the Jewish charitable sector, strengthens and supports leadership across our community, and magnifies and amplifies the collective voice of our member organisations. Now is the time for cooperation and collective responsibility.

Working alongside the Board of Deputies at the beginning of the pandemic, the JLC regularly brought together CEOs from over 60 organisations. Our teams have been working with many more parts of the community every day during this crisis.

This portal is a development of that work, collating advice, resources and access to communal life online, in one place, for everyone across the Jewish community.

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