A portal to navigate the Coronavirus crisis for the Jewish community.

Collated by the Jewish Leadership Council and partners throughout the community.


A review of hereditary cancer awareness and BRCA testing in the UK Jewish community to identify priority needs and recommendations for positive action. Visit www.jhc-review.uk to take part.

JLC Chair Jonathan Goldstein in conversation with Jonathan Leach OBE, NHS England Medical Director for Covid Immunisation on the vaccine rollout

Jonathan Leach OBE, NHS England Medical Director for Covid Immunisation speaks to the JLC Council meeting on 26 January 2021 on the vaccine rollout programme. In conversation with JLC Chair Jonathan Goldstein.

JVN (Jewish Volunteering Network) is also supporting the NHS in placing volunteers in their vaccination centres.  Find out more on their website here


JewishOnline by JW3

JW3 have a free resource for the entire Jewish community bringing together the widest range of online Jewish content, programming and activity in one place for everyone to access. It is a free one-stop-shop to access Jewish events, talks, synagogue services, cultural activities, arts performances, Jewish films, family programming and much more – from across the entire British Jewish community.

The latest UK Government guidance

Updated information on national restrictions, public health advice, vaccination and support for education and employment.


Resources which we hope give families ideas on how to keep busy at home – Busy b’Bayit.
Sharing resources for a range of ages groups, giving children and young people opportunities to learn and get creative.

Work and Financial Support

Details on support available if you are off work because of coronavirus; if you have lost your job; or if you are self-employed and have less or no work.


Search for volunteering opportunities from our charities that are related to the current Covid-19 crisis


Find out how to access religious streaming services throughout the UK Jewish community.

Updates from PaJeS on Jewish Schools and Education

Security updates and advice

Regional Information


About the jlc community portal

As each of us adapts to the coronavirus pandemic and measures to contain it, people and local groups have inspired with acts of kindness providing food, care and comfort. Our communal leadership and vital charities have been working well and working together to assist the community through this crisis.

The JLC connects and coordinates the Jewish charitable sector, strengthens and supports leadership across our community, and magnifies and amplifies the collective voice and individual voices of our member organisations. Now is the time for cooperation and collective responsibility.

Working alongside the Board of Deputies at the beginning of the pandemic, the JLC regularly brought together CEOs from over 60 organisations. Our teams have been working with many more parts of the community every day during this crisis.
This portal is a development of that work, collating advice, resources and access to communal life online, in one place, for everyone across the Jewish community.

For more information on the JLC, visit our website at www.thejlc.org

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